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Personal and Corporate Online Fax Solutions:

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We protect your mission critical contracts, data, and payment information. Our solutions are PCI and HIPAA compliant, ensuring that your confidential information is secure.



Our fully redundant infrastructure ensures that your critical documents are in your hands when you need them.

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Our software development team is focused on providing new solutions to fax and document management to make your experience more efficient.

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Multiple Pricing Plans Including:

Pay Per Fax Unlimited Faxing Corporate Bundles

ClicktoFax has served tens of thousands of fax customers since our start in 2004. We have built our organization by delivering innovative, stable and cost effective document transport and archiving solutions.Our mission is to tightly integrate traditional fax and email delivery with next-generation document storage, transmission and authentication technologies. We think that fax services are part of an overall bundled strategy of secure document delivery and verification.

"We have had enormous success using ClicktoFax as the back-end provider for our Free Fax sending service. They have handled over a hunderd thousand faxes for us this year with no outages or hiccups. We are confident they will grow with us in the years to come."

– Send a Fax

We use ClicktoFax for our white-label fax service. They have built out new features for our organization, been very responsive and have not experienced any outages. We can bank on ClicktoFax"


About Us

ClicktoFax's goal is to provide on-demand document transmission, storage, and verification services to every person in the world. We enable consumers, professionals and large corporations to exchange critical documents in a secure, timely and reliable fashion. We look forward to serving you. Let us know how we can improve our service and exceed your expectations..