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ClicktoFax Affiliate Program Overview

Partner with us today and start building a stream of revenue from your fax referrals for each Clicktofax subscription you refer from your website, blog, or newsletter! Instead of getting a single payment for each referral, you will make a percentage of that customer’s revenue for the lifetime of that customer. Our average customer stays with ClicktoFax for over four years

It’s easy to partner with ClicktoFax. Here’s what you can earn:

Your Compensation

You earn 25% of the revenue generated by your referred clients for the lifetime of their account

Do the Math!

  • If you refer a customer at $5.99 a month and they stay with ClicktoFax for 4 years, you will earn $75

  • If you refer a customer at $12.95 a month and they stay with ClicktoFax for 4 years, you will earn $155 and you will keep earning that revenue as long as the customer is with Clicktofax

  • If you refer 500 customers over the course of a year at an average price of $12.95, by the end of the year you will be making $1618/month and $77700 over the course of four years.

  • Higher Affiliate Percentage rates are available for high volume affiliates. Feel free to email us at affiliates@clicktofax to see if you qualify!

"We have had enormous success using ClicktoFax as the back-end provider for our Free Fax sending service. They have handled over a hunderd thousand faxes for us this year with no outages or hiccups. We are confident they will grow with us in the years to come."

– Send a Fax Free.com

We use ClicktoFax for our white-label fax service. They have built out new features for our organization, been very responsive and have not experienced any outages. We can bank on ClicktoFax"

- VnFax.com

About Us

ClicktoFax's goal is to provide on-demand document transmission, storage, and verification services to every person in the world. We enable consumers, professionals and large corporations to exchange critical documents in a secure, timely and reliable fashion. We look forward to serving you. Let us know how we can improve our service and exceed your expectations..