Common Questions

Below are the most frequently asked questions about ClicktoFax. If you can’t find the answer to your question, please browse our Knowledge Base or contact us at

  • Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

    There are no contracts with the ClicktoFax service. You can cancel at any time with no cancellation or termination penalties.

  • Can I send faxes internationally?

    Absolutely! You can send faxes to nearly anywhere in the world. Before you begin faxing internationally, you must enable international service. Please contact to enable this service.

  • Can I manage my account online?

    Yes. The ClicktoFax Dashboard is a secure website where you can send and receive faxes, as well as update account information, administer multiple accounts, configure email and SMS delivery of incoming faxes, check how many pages are remaining in your plan’s monthly allotment, and much more.

  • Can I keep my existing fax number?

    In most cases, your existing fax number can be transferred to ClicktoFax. It’s the easiest way to provide a seamless transition to online Internet faxing without interruption to your customers.

    There are several options to continue using your existing fax number. Transfer (also known as porting) your existing fax number to ClicktoFax. Continue to use your existing fax machine, but add the power of the ClicktoFax Gateway. This innovative device allows you to continue to use your existing fax machine, but sends faxes through the ClicktoFax service. Both your incoming and outgoing faxes are conveniently accessible in your email Inbox or on the Web at the ClicktoFax Dashboard.

    If you cannot transfer your number from your existing provider, you can add call forwarding so that your faxes are redirected to your ClicktoFax service.

  • Additional Questions

  • Can several people share the same fax number?Yes. Each ClicktoFax account can have up to 4 email addresses associated with the account at no additional charge. You can add alternate email addresses that you use, or add the email address for an assistant or other co-workers that use the same fax account.Note: More than 4 email addresses can be added for a small monthly fee.

  • Can I receive multiple faxes simultaneously? Yes. Your fax number is always ready to accept incoming faxes — there are no busy signals.

  • How do I send a fax? Log into the ClicktoFax Dashboard where sending a fax is a quick 3 step process

  • How do I receive a fax? Faxes will automatically be received and emailed to you in your desired format (PDF preferred). To view your faxes online, log into the ClicktoFax portal

  • How secure are my faxes?The ClicktoFax Dashboard offers a password-protected SSL-encrypted website where you can logon at any time to send and receive faxes. We also offer TLS encryption for email messages.

  • Is ClicktoFax HIPAA compliant?ClicktoFax is HIPAA compliant.

  • Can I send to more than one fax number at a time? Yes. You may send a fax to up to four destination numbers at the same time. To enable the ability to send to more recipients at once, please contact

  • Is my page allotment per page or per minute? ClicktoFax plans are based on pages. Unlike other services, there are no transmission time charges.

  • "We have had enormous success using ClicktoFax as the back-end provider for our Free Fax sending service. They have handled over a hunderd thousand faxes for us this year with no outages or hiccups. We are confident they will grow with us in the years to come."

    – Send a Fax

    We use ClicktoFax for our white-label fax service. They have built out new features for our organization, been very responsive and have not experienced any outages. We can bank on ClicktoFax"


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