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ClicktoFax has been collecting and blacklisting the phone numbers of fax spammers and voice spam callers since our founding in 2004. 

We decided in 2012 to release this information to the public in an attempt to combat rampant fax and phone call spamming.   Our intent is that other fax providers and businesses can implement this list in their phone systems or switching platforms to help prevent unwanted calls and faxes.

We will update our publicly available fax and voice spammer database each month with new numbers that we detect as potential fax or voice spammers.  Please check back each month to get the updated list.

Please fill out the form below to obtain the current month’s database in excel format.  Thank you!

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– Send a Fax

We use ClicktoFax for our white-label fax service. They have built out new features for our organization, been very responsive and have not experienced any outages. We can bank on ClicktoFax"


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ClicktoFax's goal is to provide on-demand document transmission, storage, and verification services to every person in the world. We enable consumers, professionals and large corporations to exchange critical documents in a secure, timely and reliable fashion. We look forward to serving you. Let us know how we can improve our service and exceed your expectations..