Online Fax – Still Growing

Many people may be wondering why online fax services continue to grow. Contrary to popular opinion, faxing was never truly obsolete. In fact, even though it is the twenty-first century, it remains a popular method of document transmission. While conventional faxing methods have not totally disappeared, advances in fax technology have caused it to adapt and become what it is today.

Online faxing has become a popular solution in this day and age. Many people use it because it promises portability and security. It is also used by businesses to communicate sensitive documents and convey confidential information.

Another consideration is usability. Sending faxes online is far more convenient than learning how to use an old fax machine.

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  • How Do I Send a Fax Over the Internet?
  • Why Are Online Fax Services Still Important?
  • Online Fax Services in the Future
  • Best Online Fax Services for Fax Transmission


How Do I Send a Fax Over the Internet?

In 2022, how do you send a fax online?  Online fax services, such as ClicktoFax, enable anyone to send and receive facsimiles from anywhere in the globe. To begin, you will require a dependable online fax service that is truly safe, ensuring that any important information is encrypted and shielded from illegal access.

To send or receive fax documents in real time, you must first create a fax number. A fax number does not require the use of a fax machine. You can generate your own fax number after signing up for an online fax service.

You can begin sending fax papers to your contacts and vice versa once you have a fax number. It’s just that simple! What’s more, you may send a fax right from your email (for example, Outlook or Gmail) or have it delivered to a fax machine!

Of course, as with any regular online faxing operation, it is recommended that you include a fax cover page before attaching any documents to be faxed.

Why Are Online Fax Services Still Relevant in 2022?

Because of the rise of online fax, it is critical to completely comprehend why many of today’s online fax businesses continue to prosper in the face of competition.

Here are some of the reasons why online fax services are still relevant today.

  • It is still widely used by individuals and corporations.
  • Online fax services use the Internet to fax documents to recipients all over the world.
  • It employs 256-bit military-grade encryption (secure data transmission).
  • It enables both computer and mobile faxing.
  • It gives you the option of being fully paperless!
  • It enables people to maintain their current fast-paced lifestyle.
  • Cost-effective and saves space.
  • Instant updates with transmission proof.
  • It is far more efficient and faster than mailing documents via ordinary mail.
  • Everyone can benefit from it!
  • It is still relevant and pertinent today.

Let’s go over them all in depth.


11 Reasons Why Online Fax Services Will Be Critical in 2022


1. It is still widely used by individuals and corporations.


Online faxing was still a novel concept in the 1990s. Many people still used old faxing methods. It is now, however, routine procedure. Indeed, many firms and institutions choose online faxing. Fax is still used to send and receive documents in countries such as the United States, Japan, and Germany.

Furthermore, faxing is still widely utilized in offices and key businesses worldwide, such as manufacturing and health care. In essence, the internet faxing sector is still very much alive. Its market is even expanding as more sectors adopt online faxing as their principal method of secure document exchange.

It will never be obsolete as long as there are individuals and industries who continue to use it. There is no longer any doubt about demand. Online faxing, also known as digital faxing, will continue to be a popular alternative for many businesses in the coming years. However, fax machines will eventually become obsolete as more revolutionary online fax services arise.

Nonetheless, Internet faxing will grow in the future.



2. Online fax services use the Internet to fax documents to recipients all over the world.


One of the reasons that online fax services are so popular is that they use the Internet to securely send and receive faxes from anywhere in the world. If you are in the United States, Canada, or some parts of Asia, you can fax your papers securely as long as you are linked to the Internet.

Online faxing works in such a way that you can send faxes from anywhere in the world. There is no need to go to the office or a neighboring fax center. All you need is a laptop (or computer) and an Internet connection that is steady.

You can fax directly from your web browser if you use a web-based Internet faxing provider like ClicktoFax! There is no requirement to install any software or desktop applications.

Furthermore, security is never an issue. When transferring sensitive information over the Internet, there is always an added layer of protection when using online faxing.


3. It employs 256-bit military-grade encryption (secure data transmission).



To that end, many of today’s internet fax services employ high-level security to secure their consumers. There are also providers with advanced military-grade encryption,  This kind of security is critical, especially in today’s world, when data breaches continue to be a threat to many businesses and institutions.

This is one of the primary benefits of using online fax services instead of other document exchange methods. Faxed documents are secured utilizing 256-bit AES military-grade encryption when sent online. Even with brute force, this amount of encryption would take years to crack in today’s technology.

As a result, faxing online across a secure connection is the appropriate alternative for document transmission involving sensitive data and secret information. It is critical to emphasize security above all else, especially in today’s environment, where large-scale cybercrime assaults are common everywhere.


4. It supports both computer and mobile faxing.



One of the reasons why online fax services continue to thrive despite the passage of time is their ability to suit today’s modern demands. In today’s world, more people and enterprises operate remotely. As a result, the use of real fax machines is no longer necessary. Because of the flexibility and portability that online faxing provides, it is highly preferred.

The use of a fax machine is entirely optional while using online faxing. You can fax documents online using your laptop or PC. Furthermore, online faxing is available on mobile, allowing you to convert your iOS or Android smartphone into a portable fax machine!

Because of this, many remote employees and businesses can now function from any location. If a document needs to be faxed, it can be done instantly without the need to search for a nearby fax center.


5. It gives you the option of being fully paperless!


Going paperless is no longer a choice in today’s world, when carbon emissions are increasing at an alarming rate. There is no need to use paper to send or receive faxed documents when using online fax services. Everything is completed online. It is entirely optional to print these materials.

The amount of carbon impact might be dramatically decreased if more organizations and institutions switch to paperless faxing. It is predicted that if the world’s carbon footprint does not fall below 2 tons per year by 2050, global temperatures will climb dramatically.

Although it is still 2022, selecting internet faxing over traditional faxing has the potential to make the globe a safer place to live, not just today but for many years to come!


6. It enables people to maintain their current fast-paced lifestyle.

While fax machine sales remain high in some nations, the world is gradually turning to paperless online fax alternatives. This simply implies that more people and businesses prefer online services, particularly for data processing and management.

The same is true with faxing. It must adapt to the present user requirement, which is online accessibility. The use of fax machines is no longer required with internet faxing. Fax may be sent and received immediately from computers and cellphones.

Furthermore, papers sent and received can be conveniently saved and categorized online. This makes it easier for many businesses to process and manage data without wasting time and effort.

Not only does this increase productivity, but it also reduces the time it takes to process document requests. As a result, selecting a dependable and efficient online faxing service would undoubtedly help people who work in a fast-paced workplace. The same is true for people who are constantly on the move!



7. Economical and saves space.


When compared to using fax machines, using online fax services takes up no space. There is no need to designate a separate location for fax machines. This makes it much more advantageous for organizations, especially when office space rental expenses rise.

Furthermore, individuals without physical sites for their firms might concentrate more on faxing. There is no need to worry about anything else, such as budgeting for a new fax machine, paper, and ink.

Speaking of which, faxing online undoubtedly helps save money, especially since many firms offer free or low-cost online faxing. 



8. Instant updates with transmission proof.


What’s fantastic about today’s internet fax services is that they provide users with real-time updates on faxed documents. A transmission receipt is also available for download at any time. This keeps both parties informed of the progress of the faxed document, ensuring that no time is wasted.

These elements, particularly the transmission receipt, are critical for the correct tracking and documentation of the files shared. It would be impossible for the recipient to deny receipt of the document with a transmission receipt. This also helps to avoid circumstances in which the opposite party may claim that an important document has been lost or unclaimed because it will be duly recorded.

Not only that, but having proof of transmission acts as legal documentation, which is critical in business-to-business transactions.



9. More efficient and faster than mailing documents via normal mail.


Another significant reason why online fax services are so popular nowadays is that they provide a service that normal mail does not. Documents are not only securely delivered but also arrive almost instantly when using online faxing services!

There is no need to wait days or even weeks when sending documents across borders. Furthermore, both the sender and the recipient will be advised of the document’s projected arrival time, as well as complete tracking that can be seen online immediately.

So, as compared to normal mail, when documents are at risk of being lost or stolen while in transit, online faxing is unquestionably more safe, fast, and efficient. It is appropriate not only for providing secret material, but also for sending documents that demand immediate attention.

Furthermore, the cover sheet linked to an online faxed document provides as an additional degree of protection. This is done to prevent anyone who are not authorized to open and view the contents of the document from reading it.



10. It is open to all!


Faxing technology has advanced to the point where people are no longer reliant on fax machines to fax. Nowadays, sending faxes from anywhere is as simple as using a computer or mobile device. Because of this, faxing has expanded its reach, making it available to everyone, not just those who work in offices.

Furthermore, many online fax services have a variety of cheap pricing plans to accommodate a variety of users. Because the majority of these plans are available on a subscription basis, consumers can easily pick between monthly and yearly subscriptions.

There are one-time fax (pay as you go) providers that charge per fax or per set of pages for consumers who fax only occasionally. These services are great for customers who require a quick one-time faxing solution without having to pay for a membership.

Faxing the old-fashioned way is no longer practical these days. People desire something that they can get to and utilize right away. The same is true for enterprises. These requirements are accomplished without sacrificing cost or quality by using online fax services.



11. It is still relevant and timely


According to research, the worldwide online fax industry might reach 2.4 billion dollars by 2022. This means that online fax has a consistent and expanding business, with customers ranging from home users to major enterprises.

This also indicates that demand for online fax services will remain high. It is timely since more individuals are migrating to flexible work arrangements, and it is relevant to today’s current needs.

Online Fax Services in the Future

Online faxing no longer sounds like a new concept. People are already aware that it relates to faxing over the Internet. Furthermore, numerous businesses have already placed their trust in online faxing. Major industries also favor online fax services for the amount of security they provide, which is lacking in other modern document exchange platforms.

There will also come a day when fax machines will be considered a nostalgic item. Nonetheless, faxing will continue to prosper and is likely to be around for a long time. It may no longer be perceived in the same way that it was 25 years ago, but it will merely evolve to adapt to present circumstances.

Online fax services will become big participants in the mainstream market sooner or later, with key industries playing a crucial role in its continuous expansion.

11 Reasons Why Online Fax Services Will Be Critical in 2022


Best Online Fax Services for Fax Sending in 2022

There’s no need to wait till internet faxing becomes commonplace before adopting it. There are numerous great online fax services available nowadays! What matters is that you select a service that is not only affordable but also has features that are trustworthy enough to fulfill your modern needs.

Consider whether the service can supply unlimited inbound fax with unlimited fax numbers before making a decision. Other value-added features should include electronic signature integration, mobile and desktop applications, customized fax templates, a scanning tool, and many more!


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